FP / FV Features 

Comfort and Durability


Mounted on coil springs with shock absorbers that effectively diminish road shock, protecting the cab’s integrity and providing a smooth ride, whilst reducing operator fatigue. Generously spaced cab interior offers superior levels of comfort and is highly functional. The ergonomical design of the cab creates a friendly driver environment and ensures relaxed functionality. This is further enhanced by the glare-free instrument panel and adjustable steering wheel.


FUSO has developed a lighter and stronger frame construction for the FP and FV series. These engineering enhancements have made the chassis significantly lighter and more durable, easily meeting the varied load requirements and severest of road conditions. The newly designed frame web rivets the side rail and cross member, ensuring long-term strength and durability. The upper surface is rivetless, making the rear body mounting easier.


One engine model, designed with fuel economy as prime output, powers the entire range. At 12882cc displacement, the FUSO 6-in-line, turbo-intercooled diesel engine provides up to 309kW of power and 1770Nm of torque in the line-haul truck tractor and freight carrier, while this power is specially de-rated for maximum economy to 257kW in the mixer/tipper model. The line-haul units are equipped with 16-speed synchromesh transmissions whilst the FUSO FV mixer/ tipper has the tried and tested 10-speed gearbox.


Both the FUSO FP and FV series incorporate innovative new ideas to simplify service and maintenance. Items requiring daily and pre-operational inspections are located under the front panel, which lifts up for direct access. The new cab mount structure with modified hinges makes a 45-degree cab tilt possible, less effort for the cab tilt operation is a further modification crucial for easy engine maintenance and servicing.

Safety and Reliability

FP/FV Safety

All FP and FV models are equipped with dual circuit fuel air braking systems including ABS.
Maximum additional retardation is also provided through a standard engine brake,allowing a driver extended safety margins in stopping without using the truck foundation brakes.

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