Canter Features 

Comfort and Durability


Created to make working life more enjoyable and designed to maximise levels of driver comfort, every element of the new generation FUSO Canter cab is superior. From the outset the FUSO Canter’s fully redesigned cab takes on a completely new look. Overall cab dimensions have been increased. Door apertures have been widened, a larger windscreen has been fitted and mirror arms are more robust, stylish and functional. Interior enhancements include a fully adjustable driver’s seat and a front passenger bench seat with integral headrests and a redesigned easy-clean dashboard. In addition there is a fully rake and reach adjustable steering column.

Front Cab & Headlights

The front grille of the new generation Canter has been purposefully redesigned and the halogen headlamps, incoporating clear lens indicators, take on a completely new wrap-around appearance.

Gear Shift

One of the most noticeable features of the new generation FUSO cab is the gearshift. Mounted on the dash. and fitted across the entire range, the in-dash gearshift lever falls easily to hand and has been ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. Featuring a short throw shift mechanisim and precise selector gate, this new gear change makes working life more productive. With the relocation of the gearshift, cross cab access for both driver and passengers has also been improved!

Safety and Reliability


Class leading body and payload allowances. The new generation FUSO Canter uses the latest technology in chassis design. The hot rolled 6mm sections, featuring riveted construction, provide a very tough, flexible, yet lightweight chassis frame. The clear top rails of the chassis simplifies body mounting with the resultant reduction of costs. The chassis is suitable for a wide range of different body applications.

New Model Designation

The new generation FUSO Canter comes in one engine size with two configurations. The 4x2 range has the nomenclature FE5-109, FE6-109 and FE7-136. The 4x4 model FG6-109 appeals to the agricultural industry, utilities sector, mining, wildlife and construction sector.


With one engine and two configurations for specific applications, the 5.5, 6.5 and 7.5 tonne models are fitted with 4D34 diesel engines. With a capacity of 3908cc and producing 81kW/275Nm to 100kW/370Nm the turbo intercooled version, these engines provide excellent low speed flexibility, brisk acceleration and outstanding fuel efficiency. These engines are extremely economical and reliable. With a forward tilting cab on all models, engine access for service requirements are quick and simple.


Safety is at the forefront of the new cab design. Featuring the new FUSO Canter RISE (Realised Impact Safety Evolution) Impact system, were all crash protection aspects have been addressed. The cab floor has been strengthened, the steering column is now collapsible and the doors now feature a cross doorframe protection bar. In addition, the new dashboard features an impact-absorbing frame and is manufactured from shatter resistant materials. ABS with environmentally friendly non asbestos brake linings are fitted as standard on all the new generation FUSO Canters.

Standard Equipment

The following comes standard with the Canter

Reverse warning buzzer
Spin-on type fuel filter
Spin-on type engine oil filter
Non-asbestos brake linings
Standard tool set and hydraulic jack
Heater and defroster
Cigarette lighter
Self adjusting brakes
ABS brakes

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